BBS Tutorial Video


User Role Management
User Role Management able to manage a user authority to access the system function

User Maintenance
User Maintenance able to manage your user profile to access the system

Company Maintenance
Company maintenance able to manage your company or branch data

My Profile
My profile able to change your own profile detail and login password

Customer Maintenance
Customer Maintenance able to manage your customer information

Item Maintenance
Item Maintenance able to manage your item information

Raw Material Maintenance
Raw Materail Maintenance able to manage your raw material information

Promotion able to set the item discount rate and duration

Supplier Maintenance
Supplier Maintenance able to manage your supplier information

Membership Maintenance
Membership Maintenance able to manage your company membership information and duration

Member Redemption
Member Redemption able to let your customer redeem the item with membership point

Set & Set Group Maintenance
Set Maintenance able to set the promotion item set with certain price. Set Group Maintenance control the quantity of set

Appointment Management
Appointment Management help you manage your appointment with customer

Item Group Access
Item Group Access able to control the user access to the item group

Item Multi-Level Grouping
Item Multi-Level Grouping let you group your item in multiple group

Table Maintenance
Table Maintenance able to let you create a floor plan to design your company layout


Invoice and Quotation
Invoice and Quotation shows how to create invoice and quotation to customer

Invoice and Quotation History
Invoice and Quotation History shows how to view invoice and quotation history

Delivery Order
Delivery Order show how to create delivery order to customer

Delivery Order History
Delivery Order History let user to check the history of delivery order

Purchase Request and PR History
Purchase Request show the procedure on create, edit, delete the purchase request to supplier

Purchase Order and Purchase Order History
Purchase Order show the procedure on create, edit, delete the purchase order to supplier

Supplier Invoice and Supplier Invoice History
Supplie Invoice show the procedure on create, edit, delet the supplier invoice to supplier

Deposit let you manage custome deposit

Credit Note and Debit Note
Credit Note and Debit Note show how to create credit note and debit note to your customer and supplier

Cash Sales
Cash Sales show the function of the sales system and end of day calculations

Payment Voucher
Payment Voucher allow user to create, edit, delete voucher information nad duration

Payment Voucher History
Payment Voucher History all user to check the voucher information


Goods Receive Note by PO
Receive the item with purchase order

Goods Receive Note
Give the goods receive note to supplier

Stock Receive
Receive the item individually

Stock Return and Dispose
Stock Return record the return stock, Stock dispose clear the stock

Stock Take and Adjust
Stock Take and Adjust show the procedure of Stock Take List, Stock Take, Stock Discrepancy

Barcode Printing
Barcode Printing show how to print the item barcode

Stock Transfer and Stock Transfer History
Stock Transfer let user transfer item from company to their branch

Stock Conversion
Stock convert show the procedure of convert the big package into small item quantity

Deem Supply
Deem Supply able to give the item as a free gift for customer


Report Generate
Generate Report
(Work same for all category under Report)


Cost Center
Cost Center allow user to manage the company project cost

Budget Maintenance
Assign the budget to according to cost center

Debtor Statement
Debtor Statement show the customer account status
(Work same with Creditor Statement)

Journal Entry
View or add the record of the company cost and item transaction

Sales Posting
Sales Posting allow you to check and confirm the sales record for the day

Balance Sheet
Generate Balance Sheet
(Work same with Profit Loss and Trail Balance)

GST Generator
Generate GST Report and submit to Kastams


Database Backup and Restore
Backup database to a location and restore it back

Invoice Setting
Setting the invoice format