Green Matrix Solution provide a powerful and quality software development to meet your business requirement.

Custom Made Software

We build software solution according to your business problem.

User Friendly Interface

We build the software interface with the concept of simple and easy to use.


We have developed 300+ custom made software for our client.


We master all level of techehnology in desktop application, moblie applicataion and web application.

Our Development Process

Step 1

Collecting Requirement

We collect all the required document to provide the solution

Step 2

Carry Out Research an Analysis

We analyse your business problem and carry out research to list down the software requirement needed, technology used and budget estimation

Step 3


We will create a project plan which include outlining activities, task and timeframe.

Step 4

Interface Design

We will draw the inerface of the software and pass to client. If the client like the design, we will start to develop.

Step 5

Software Development

We kick start on developing the project follow the project plan we made.

Step 6

Testing and Quality Checking

Before we release the final version of the software, we will perform a system testing together with quality checking to ensure our product have minimum error.

Step 7

Support and Maintainence

After the application is being launch, we will continue provide system support and maintainence to our client.